Have you been nutty today?

Are U Nuts?

Who doesn’t like to choose their own favorite food?

Who is not focused on a healthier and better lifestyle these days?

Aren’t we feeling better when we consume without harming the environment?

Based on these three questions, Are U Nuts exists to be a supportive tool, which provides diversification when choosing a healthier snack option with a sustainable background. 

Preferences, consumptions and needs vary among a number of people. While the reason for choosing a certain food choice is clear, the usage is often totally different. 

Are U Nuts offers an authentic, exotic, and diverse range of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. The classy individual packages are sustainable and made from renewable resources. 

We provide the student with necessary nutrition during exam times, the athlete with the right support before the gym, the party animal with the right healthy sweets, and the manager with the final brain booster. It exposes your favorite nutty love and is the biggest difference between you and your competitors.


Lastly, it is you who will be making the final decision to decide what you want and need.

With choosing your own favorite combination of nuts, dried fruits and seeds the minutes of appreciated consumption are fully provided.

And since you’re already here  - the student, the athlete, the party animal or the business person  - we are sooo nuts about you !


Who We Are


Julia and Lilly

Two students who struggled to find healthy snacks that were catered to our individual tastes, whether it be for studying, pre/post workout, or for gathering with friends. Studying International Business and Management, we took this opportunity to solve this problem not only for ourselves, but also for you!